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The Tower has been in existence since 1996 in various incarnations and on various servers. It is mindbending to me to ponder the fact that I have had my own website somewhere for well over a decade now. And it is even more mindbending to me how relatively quickly my having been building sites professionally for a decade approaches as well.

On the first floor you may choose one of several rooms that give access to other realms, residences and realities (in other words, links of various categories).

The second floor holds my gallery, which houses original artwork by me as well as my portfolio and resume.

The third floor houses my library, music room and a portal to my corner of the fantasy realm. The library is full of quotes by my favorite authors and the music room holds lyrics by my favorite musicians.

Up another flight of stairs is my study on the fourth floor. There you can read some of my own writings. There's a little bit of everything there: Poetry, prose, opinions, rants, and an entire corridor devoted to Paganism.

The fifth floor is my penthouse, my private chambers. It's where I let my hair down. There you can find out about the offline me, find out how to contact me, or just read my blog which is the quickest way to find out what's going on around me and the tower.

And now it is the time for you to choose your path through the tower:
1st Floor | 2nd Floor | 3rd Floor | 4th Floor | 5th Floor