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Border Backgrounds

Background Sets

Since I've been making and modifying graphics for my own pages for a while now, I've decided to make some for everyone else. Just a couple simple rules. 

  1. All graphics on the following pages are linkware, meaning that all I ask for them is credit for making them i.e. Link Back. All graphic sets have a matching button or you can grab the all purpose on at the bottom of this page. A plain text link is ok too. Just make sure there is a link of some sort on each page where you use my graphics, and that these links go to
  2. Please do not copy the graphics on this page, or those graphics made by me in any section of the tower other than this one. These graphics were made specifically for this and other pages and aren't linkware. 
  3. Please download these graphics and put them on your own server. If you don't it's bandwidth robbery and will make both your pages and mine load slower.

Now on to the graphics. I don't have many up yet. but that will change. 

To find other wonderful linkware graphics,  try my Graphics Link Page.