You don't  
have to use  
this set with  
the buttons. Text links in 
this space 
would make 
a great navigation
bar and 
your page
will load
faster if you
use fewer
Well, this is my set for today. I'm trying to decide on how often I'm going to put up a new set. Probably one every week or so. I'm thinking of using these sets almost as a journal. Kind of a what's going on offline page. If you want so see what I mean, go see Mz. Kitty at Full Moon Graphics. She uses hers that way and I like the idea. Even if you don't care about that. Go see her anyway, she has some of the coolest graphic sets on the net as far as I'm concerned. 
Specifics for this set? Well...let's see. The bar and the welcome are transparent gif files, but the buttons aren't, so the buttons will look funny if you use them on another bg or if they overlap the border on this one. The font is Carefree. if you need to add text to the blank button. If you don't have it or don't know how email me and I'll add the text for you. 
here's a blank of the button to add text to
and don't forget to link back to