Well this is the latest set from Tower Graphics. It's called tarot because all the graphics are based on major arcana tarot cards. First the details. None of these graphics are transparent so they only work on a background this exact shade of blue. If you want to add text to the button blanks, the font is called Krone. If you don't know how or don't have that font, you can  email me and I'll do it for you. 

I'm surprised I had time to finnish this one at all this week. Last Wednesday my fiance and I were in a wreck in his truck. Niether of us was hurt, but his truck was. We had 8 deer run out into the road about 10-15 feet in front of the truck. We were only going about 40, but still couldn't stop. We hit three but only killed one. His truck looked pretty bad, though. The headlights, turn signals, grill and everything else on the front of the truck except the bumper were just plain gone. The bumper was bent all funky and the hood was bent down so that we had to pry it open. When we did that we found out the radiator had gotten pushed back into the fan, and had to take the entire fan off the truck to get it home. Amazingly enough the radiator wasn't punctured though, so we didn't have to replace it. This weekend my fiance and my dad attacked the truck with a come-along and a sledge hammer and bent it all back to where it was supposed to be. Then my fiance put on new lights and stuff and except for no grill it was almost good as new. He even drove it to work Monday. Then of course on Tuesday the modulater went out and we couldn't find one til this afternoon ($80 for a piece of plastic 1x2 inches that has a couple of wires running through it, i just don't understand), which means I've had to get up and take him to work at 6 in the morning the last couple of days. And on top of all that I've been trying to get my stuff together and apply to go back to college this spring.

  Anyway, enough of my ranting. Time to grab some graphics. Navigation buttons are to the right. There are guestbook buttons below and black buttons below that. And as always, don't forget to link back to http://www.rapunzellstower.com/Graphics/. The button for that is right here. 
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