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Virtually everything the human race had ever chosen to believe in was true... [And] that it continued to be true long after the human race particularly needed it to be true any more." -Douglas Adams The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul

Strange as it may seem, much of what I've come to believe can be summed up by that simple silly quote.

Any thing that should or could or would exist in a perfect world, I believe exists somewhere, just not necessarily here. I believe in something similar to the "world as myth," a phrase coined, as far as I know, by SF writer Robert Heinlein. The basic idea behind it being that there are infinite numbers of universes. Every story, every belief, basically everything is true in some universe. There is a universe filled with the Land of Oz, and one Alice traveled to through the looking glass. Every story ever written in this universe takes place in another, and we are but a story in every other universe. Each "world" is a myth in every other "world." I believe that, and I believe that, as Douglas Adams said, "everything the human race had ever chosen to believe in" is true.

I believe in Athena and Aphrodite and the rest of the Gods of Olympus, and I believe in Odin, Thor, and Loki and all others in Asgard. I believe in Tiki, the Polynesian god of love and war. I believe that all gods and goddesses that man has ever seen fit to worship, do exist. That doesn't mean that I worship them all though. Some of them, yes. All, definitely not. I believe in the Christian Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, but I do not worship them...him...whatever. I have to agree with Heinlein that "any man who can worship a trinity and insist that his religion is monotheistic can rationalize anything, just give him the time." That is not a belief system that calls to me. As far as specific sets of Gods go, I pretty much follow the Norse. If something goes wrong so badly that I know it can't just be chance or coincidence, I tend to blame Loki and I will call on Odin or Frigga when something falls in the category of wisdom, and I'm likely to call on Freya when love is where the problem lies.

It is my belief that all paths are valid, and as unique individuals, how can we not have unique views and beliefs. I don't believe in salvation through the deeds of another, even if that "other" is divine. I believe that we make our own salvation. Why ask forgiveness for your transgressions from God? That isn't who you've harmed. Better to ask forgiveness from those you have harmed and correct your wrongdoings as best you can that way. I believe a version of Karma, Threefold Law or whatever you want to call it, that whatever you do, good or bad, generally comes back to you. I believe in an afterlife. I believe that all "good" people go to a good place. I guess I'm naïve by many people's standards, but I think people are generally good, and deserve not to be tormented for eternity for a few indiscretions over the course of a lifetime. I also think that people find the "heaven" they seek. A Christian will find the heavenly city of the Bible, and a hero of the Norse religion will find Valhalla. I don't believe that one is exiled to the heaven of their faith either, because how much of a heaven would a place be without those you love. If loved ones have chosen different paths in life, they should still be together in death. Kind of like a Greencard for eternity.

Well, I think I've babbled long enough, if you still don't get it, you probably won't no matter what I say, and don't feel bad if you don't get it. You're probably in the majority. Gods and Goddesses Bless.