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Right now I only have two of my fantasy poems here, but I hope to have more up soon. Some of my other poetry is on my poetry page (where else?), if you'd like to head that way.

There are a few poems by other people on my fantasy quote page.

Shadows and Light



If we could ever expell disbelief,
And banish as well the stubborness deep,
That insists and contends as if written in stone,
That all the true facts are from their minds alone....

They say that we're wrong, "There is no such thing,"
No dragon e'er flew on spread leathery wing,
No unicorn free and fine e'er was known,
And no troll caught in sunshine was found turned to stone.

Some things in life must be believed to be seen,
But some can't take that truth, it won't fit in their scheme.
To them, What is seen is believed, but this beguiles and belies,
For they just can't percieve and they won't trust our eyes.

If we're ever to learn to break through that doubt,
Their faith must be gained, their mistrust taken out.
For if every creature believes true and strong,
Who will remain to honestly say that we're wrong.