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Right now I only have two of my fantasy poems here, but I hope to have more up soon. Some of my other poetry is on my poetry page (where else?), if you'd like to head that way.

There are a few poems by other people on my fantasy quote page.

Shadows and Light


"Shadows and Light"

Where has the dragon flown,
That he casts no more
His shadow 'pon the land
Though the sun is shining high?

Where has the unicorn fled,
That her glowing horn
No longer brightens
The darkest forest shadows?

They're gone from here,
And taken all their kith and kin.
And people strive to bask
In nonexistent light of nonbelief.

And without them,
Our once-bright world cowers
Under the shadow of mourning,
Searching desperately through the murk
For the lost path our lost friends took.