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Besides the two paths most believe in today, those leading to heaven and to hell, there is a third path. This path leads through the mist, into the realm of the Faerie.

Some are destined to find their way there. Others happen upon the gate by chance. It is a world that eveyone once knew and some have never forgotten. It is the world of fairy tales, castles and fantasy.

In this oft forgotten realm, the Fay still dance inside their rings, griffins and dragons still fly, and mages still wield their magical powers, The knight still rides on his charger seeking a quest worthy of his honor, and the unicorn seeks out the company of a fair virgin in whose lap to lay his head.

As with the path to heaven, the way is narrow. The passage to the realm is often lost in the mists, be it clouded by the mists of time or cloaked in the opacity of disbelief. By those who seek it, though, the way can still be seen, or rather it can be felt. The pull of the magic is still strong.

Pause for a moment, Wanderer, and you will feel it.

Welcome, Wanderer, to Fantasy's Door.*

Fantasy's Door is the fantasy portion of Rapunzell's Tower. There are many other interesting things including some fantasy artwork in other areas of the tower. Here is the gateway to the Tower's front door.

* Yes I did actually write the text on this page myself. if you want to use it, all i ask is that you list me as author. (That would be Megan Skelly, not Rapunzell) And if it's not too much trouble Email me.