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All the doors here in the main hall lead off to other kingdoms, so I wish you would explore the rest of the tower first if you haven't already, but if you decide not to, I won't stop you. The places that you can reach from the various portals here differ on many ways.

Some of them are just random general fun places that I've found here on the net.

Some are the homes of causes that I believe in or are a member of.

Some are kingdoms that, instead of lying on the edge of the realm of fantasy as this one does, are deep inside. These are places where you find faeries and dragons and knights on chargers.

Others are found on distant planets and in far away galaxies or have to do with the many science fiction books I've read and love. These places may be of an individual's imagination or may pay tribute to the imagination of the masters: Asimov, Heinlein, Adams, and others.

The final group are the homes of the wonderful artists of the web that I have found, and in many cases, whose works have at one time or another found a home on this site.