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I Believe

FaerieDo you believe?
In what, you ask?
In anything.
Anything you've never seen,
or never felt, or never heard,
but never doubted.

Do you believe in God?
Which one, you ask?
Any of them, minor or major,
God or Goddess, benevolent or otherwise.
Just...Do you believe?

How about the moons of Jupiter, are they really there?
Sure, you've seen pictures,
but anything can be faked with technology.
Are they really there?

Do you believe in atoms? in UV rays? in gravity? in faeries?
Oops...I lost some of you there. Didn't I? How come?

Why is it as soon as I mention magic, or dragons,
or elves or vampires, or genies,
or werewolves, or unicorns, you stop believing?

Don't say science. It never proved anything, ever,
except that it was wrong.
Then it "corrects" itself,
until it realizes it's wrong again, and starts over.
An idea, a theory, stands until it's disproved.

My theory is that all the creatures
in all the realms of imagination that should or could be,
do exist somewhere,
we have only to learn to open the door to their worlds,
the worlds we've exiled them to through our lack of belief.

I believe.Just because we cannot open the door,
is no reason to believe there's no room on the other side.
So I choose to believe.
And I will, until they open the door, and find no room.

Do you believe?