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4 dimensional being in a 3 dimentional world.

This is about not fitting in and not caring that you don't, in fact,
being proud of it a lack of conformity

About always having to say "you just don't get it" or
"you don't understand," and knowing that they probably never will.

This is about being more than people realize.

It's about being more than they see, and more than they expect,
which is really the same thing, because people always see
what they expect and nothing more. They find what they're looking for
and nothing else, whether there is more there or not.

This is about sometimes not even having to say
"you don't understand," because they don't
even understand that there is anything more there to be understood.

Very simply, it's about being more than meets the eye.

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4 dimensional 4 dimensional
4 dimensional 4 dimensional