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Imortal Gods*

What right have we of mortal make
to create through belief immortal Gods?
We believe and so they are.
We insist so they exist.
We abandon, yet they live on.
Shadows now of what they were.
Shades of their former glory.
Immortal gods, they cannot die.
That we once believed sustains their life
long after belief moves on.
Abandoned by the peoples
whose belief brought them to be
We will them to be ever there
and yet our faith lasts not that long.
Immortal and forever there,
they cannot die, but forgotten, barely live.

* The (I gues you could call it) inspiration for this came from a quote I found in Douglas Adam's The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul. "virtually everything the human race had ever chosen to believe in was true...[and]that it continued to be true long after the human race particularly needed it to be true any more."