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Let go of me

Let go of me, please let me live.
Let me be free, please can you give
Me my life back? I'm split in two;
Drowned in this lake of guilt from you.
I moved on, but you pulled me back.
If this continues, I will crack
Beneath the stress of hurting you.
There was no choice, what could I do?

You keep me in this pit of guilt,
For leaving you and what we'd built.
The chasm's lip's beyond my grasp.
I know we'd thought that it would last,
But I did what I had to do,
And loving him meant leaving you.
And even though it had to end,
I'd hoped I wouldn't lose a friend.

You selfish boy, exuding pain,
You never see that I retain
It all. And every single time
That you lash out in pain, it's mine
That answers deep inside my heart.
Naught can I do, but play my part,
With pain I bear, since I betrayed
One of the best friends I've made.