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My library at home is filled mostly with other worlds, be they the worlds of the future and other planets found in Science Fiction, or the worlds of Faeries, Unicorns and other such creatures that belong to Fantasy. This library reflects that. You won't find any of my writings here, I keep them in my study. Here you can look up some of my favorite quotes by author, and check out quotes from some of my favorite authors in the Science Fiction section of my library. I also have quotes relating to Fantasy, but you'll have to journey into the Fantasy Realm to see them. The portal is around here somewhere. Ah, there it is, behind the suit of armor over there by the far wall. It has a habit of moving on me. There are also a few religion related quotes here. Be careful of the Looking Glass over the mantle. People have been known to fall through them, you know. Also you can check out my tribute to Shel Silverstein. And finally, of course, you may just go back downstairs.